Ephemere : (e·phe·mere)

adjective - lasting for a very short time



Ephemeral is a word that has long been used to EXPRESS THE EMOTION 01 of being fully aware of the eventual demise of all things, yet appreciating their existence all the more for it. Of the five senses, olfactory is possibly the most powerful, so much so that it can interconnect other SENSES AND MEMORIES. 02




A SCENT 03, either a familiar or a new one, can translate and connect all sensory information, invoking infinite possibility of emotions and imprinting them to your memory in a process. The same aroma of PINE TREES 04 may remind a person of a starlit SUMMER NIGHT 05 in a foreign land, while making another aching with homesickness. The secret to the power of scents is that they are truly omnipresent. After all, you can shut your eyes to deny sights, fast to deny tastes, isolate yourself to deny touches, but you will only last for so long without breathing. The scents are always there, whether or not you noticed them. They wrap around you in your joyous moment, when YOU CRY BITTER TEARS 06, when you try to forget, and when you yearn to remember




Aspiration (About Us)

Ephemere wants to be an intimate presence to you. We seek to reunite you with the moment you once wished could last forever, REMIND YOU OF THE TIME 07 you thought you forgot, and bring forth the memory that exists only in your imagination. Each of our different scents are created from elements of life, be it your passion for living, your intensity for love, or your philosophy for life. Our goal is reached whenever you call each scent your very own. That our perfume can be a part of your personality, intimacy, and memory will be the greatest honor we can ever ask for.


EPHEMERE 08 wants to assure our fellow ‘scent dwellers’ that we will always strive for quality and craftsmanship before any of our creations reach you. We always put safety and quality of our ingredients and materials above all else, as each products was tested by us ourselves. Our appreciation for design and detail is also second to none; therefore, we will make sure that whatever can be lovingly and uniquely crafted by hands are created thus so and that the finishing process of all our products will be carefully and delicately done.



We very much TREASURE THE JOY OF CURATING AND TRANSLATING EACH SCENT 09 for your personal intimate presence. We hope our scents will give you an intimate sensorial experience in the way only you -our ‘one-of-a-kind, special scent dweller'- can.