Lake House


3,166 THB



  • Grapefruit
  • Orange
  • Flint
  • Wood
  • Oak Moss
  • Fresh Spices


The city whirs in your ears, its bright lights slowly fading into a serene blue that canvases the sky like an oil painting from a century long past. Sky-rises give way to fields of green, trees that reach into the sky and the sound of birds singing sweet lullabies in your ears. An earthy aroma crowds your senses, sharpened by dampness of a forest after a rainstorm.

‘Lake house’ exudes the wanderlust of the urban soul – that desire to escape, to find calm amidst the chaos, tranquility amidst the city rush. Fruity aromas fill your lungs as the breath of nature surrounds you, grounded by the notes of wood and oak moss.

Top note : Grapefruit, Orange
Middle note : Flint
Base note : Woody, Oak Moss, Benzoin